PARASITE CHOI is a collaborative project including more than 15 digital artists from 10 countries all around the world. This movie was premiered at the famous Offf festival 2012.

Director – Damien Steck
Producers – SR Partners & OUKA Studio
Motion Designers & Studios who brought their amazing visions of parasites to life
Murat Pak, Tim Borgmann, Gabor Ekes, Andrey Nepomnyaschev, Ben Reubold, CAOH, Chimera Studio, Emrah Gonulkirmaz, icecream, Kim Holm, Monologue, Tom Waterhouse, OUKA Studio, Ihsu Yoon
Music and Sound Design – JP Le Goff
Additional Sound Design – Sam Spreckley
Acting – Choi Hae Keun
Cinematography – Damien Steck
Operator 2 – Julien Petit
Make up artist – Julie Brenot
Design Accessories – Morel Lab
Editing – Damien Steck
Helpers – E-magineurs

Here are short step by step process I did to create my effects on PARASITE CHOI !

what's up next ?

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