2023 - ENM Villeurbanne
A D U N O is a duo created in 2023 with José Person (musician). This live offers an audiovisual composition combining modular synthesizers, audioreactive / real-time projection, and synchronized lasers. 
This performance is a fusion of rhythms, organic textures, and geometric choreography, providing a unique immersive experience. The show invites you on a contrasting journey, oscillating between a dark spatial ambiance and vibrant, colorful energy.
video of the show / Images by Alexandre castillon
And here are some pictures taken by Jean Baptiste Gautier :
The animation is driven from a midi controller and some effects are triggered by a LeapMotion which detects the movements of my hand.
A D U N O / real time animation snippets
A D U N O / ident 
A D U N O / visual content (random screenshots)

what's next ?

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