2023 - EXALT FESTIVAL / Lyon
INTERN333T is a digital work whose main source is videos read randomly live on the Internet. This content is then processed and edited in real time using a reactive audio process synchronized with a web radio and broadcast on an LED panel provided by @france_ecran_location. 
Like our consumption on the networks, the videos are linked and tangled, leading to saturation and loss of meaning. This randomly chosen material is always different and unfolds aimlessly to the rhythm of sound. The images with the music are thus crystallized as in a nostalgic memory or an endless dream.
Immersed in the dark and displayed on a 2x2m LED panel, the artwork floats in space and offers an immersive experience that transports the public to a digital landscape in perpetual renewal.
The LED panel makes the artwork almost tangible, as it absorbs and etches the silhouette of the viewer into an infinite and mesmerizing digital tableau.
2023 - Ateliers BAAK

Here, the LED panel measures 2x3.5m and presents the artwork as a more imposing totem in broad daylight.
The format of this version of the project allows for the integration of interactivity. The volume in which the animation is sculpted rotates on itself, occasionally revealing pixels in perspective. In the case of this installation, and with the use of a Kinect, this rotation allows the "cube" to create the illusion of tracking the viewer as they pass within its field of vision.
Here are different exemples of how the animation reacts with music :

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