Here is a very short step by step process I did to create my second effect on PARASITE CHOI !
You can see the full film here :
PARASITE CHOI is a collaborative project including more than 15 digital artists from 10 countries all around the world.
This movie was premiered at the famous Offf festival 2012.
Director - Damien Steck
Producers - SR Partners & OUKA Studio
Motion Designers & Studios
Murat Pak, Tim Borgmann, Gabor Ekes, Andrey Nepomnyaschev, Ben Reubold, CAOH, Chimera Studio, Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Icecream, Kim Holm, Monologue, Tom Waterhouse, OUKA Studio, Ihsu Yoon
Music and Sound Design - JP Le Goff
Additional Sound Design - Sam Spreckley
Acting - Choi Hae Keun
Cinematography - Damien Steck
Operator 2 - Julien Petit
Make up artist - Julie Brenot
Design Accessories - Morel Lab
Editing - Damien Steck
Helpers - E-magineurs

what's next ?

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