Pandæmonium is an animated triptych based on original compositions by Syl Kougaï.
Inspired by Rodin's sculpture "La Porte de l'Enfer", this film divided into 3 pieces describes a dreamlike vision of the brutal condition of man.
In a sharp relationship with the music, we follow the struggle of this central character against himself.
Between life and death, wakefulness and sleep, flight and paralysis, this film expresses the paradox of human passions and anxieties through the pain of his heavy body.

This film has been presented and selected by several film festivals such as :

SYL KOUGAÏ - Faucon Titane - chapter I
SYL KOUGAÏ - Atoll Tan - chapter II
SYL KOUGAÏ - Sommeil de Plomb - chapter III
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